Bonding with stepchildren: It’s not impossible

Very few people can understand the challenges that accompany becoming a step parent. Step-families, also called blended families, are more on the rise than people may realize. The main focus to any successful step-family is the security and happiness of the children involved. The bond between step parent and step child is not automatic. It is a relationship like any other that needs attention, nurturing and most importantly, time to grow.

The first thing to be considered when it comes to your step child is the fact that this adjustment may take a while. Especially when you have a slightly older child to deal with, there will most likely be feelings of anger, resentment or confusion. Open the lines of communication with your step child. Explain that you are not there to replace their natural parent and that you are glad to be a part of the new family that has been created. If the child is considerably younger, there may not be a whole lot of understanding on their part as to what is taking place but communication is still the key.

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One thought on “Bonding with stepchildren: It’s not impossible

  1. You’re right about the challenges of being a step-parent. Actually, some of the kids in blended families I know have formed stronger bonds with their step-parent than with their original parent which has both a up-side and a down-side. Great blog!

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