Single Parents love Making Lemonade – The Single Parent Network. THE website for single parents of ALL kinds!


Now a Kindle Ebook – Making Lemonade© A Guidebook for Life After Divorce. By Jodi Seidler This Guidebook dissects, explores and gleans the experiences out of 15 years of single parenting; weaving them into 88 pages of insights, wit, prose and hard core facts. It’s a quick study manual for all single parents starting a new life.

Single Parents love Making Lemonade – The Single Parent Network. THE website for single parents of ALL kinds!


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The Mother of All Single Parent Support

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Finding Time for YOURSELF

 As a single parent, we learn the old ways of doing “life” no longer work; we have to modify our BUDGET as it relates to money, time and energy. Where before we shared responsibilities and duties, NOW we become mother, father, cook, taxi driver, bargain shopper and baby sitter. We sometimes don’t get to greet ourselves until our children are asleep, and even then we are too tired to notice who we are when we look in the mirror. So what do we do? 

How do we find time for ourselves – our relationship to US. You know the drill. The airlines use it…”Ladies and gentlemen, please place the mask over your mouth first and then on your children”. It’s the same old thing for us now. Until we take care of our needs, we’re no good to anyone else. If mommy and daddy aren’t happy….no one’s happy. 

So first we need to find the time for ourselves within our time management budget. Then, we need to know the shortcuts in our time allotment – for the essentials, for shopping for helping with homework, and for schlepping to sports events and piano recitals. I’m a big believer in the Buddy System – so anyone on our single parenting ship (be sure it’s not the Titanic) can be our buddy as far as a “baby sitting club” (taking turns so everyone has a life) and co-op shopping (buying large and splitting the tenders) and just plain emotional support. 

This helps us keep going and adds to our time management budget. It’s like having a life jacket  in the shark infested post-divorce murky waters. We need the support. And, we deserve it after what we have been through! So pat yourself on the back and know you are not alone. Sometimes being creative is all it takes. 

It becomes a formula of imaging the end result and then moving backward into the steps that get us there. It’s in the creative thinking and the addition of supportive groups (or a buddy system) that we find peace and a piece of our single parent sanity. Just knowing we are not alone and that others have walked this journey before us – leaving bread crumbs for us to follow makes us feel safe and secure in the knowing we can survive and prosper as a single parent!

Single Parent Summer

Summer is here, and with it comes a juggling act to make sure your children have a lot to do to attack boredom and keep them out of trouble. School’s out, work is constant, and time is short. If you’re divorced and a single parent, the juggling act gets more intense during those summer months, scheduling camps, sleepovers, trips and time for yourself.  

All communities have summer camps and parks that have activities often have their own camps as well. The hardest thing during the summer is juggling your work and life — and parenting. It’s best to strategize your summer — with trips to visit grandma, a family excursion, throw in a little schooling and a camp experience. 

Depending upon the age of the child, swim classes, karate classes and theme park outings are great within a camp theme or plan the summer with other divorced parents doing a kid-share routine. 

And when you don’t have a lot of extra summer finances (which is everyone by the way, divorced or not), it’s best to be creative. When in doubt, plant a garden with your child, go camping, learn to play an instrument, prepare and go on a picnic, make your own kites and fly them, go to the beach or a lake…spend some quality time together…building memories.

And…as a last resort – there is also summer school! 

I’m big on understanding that life is about making memories and anything you can do for your child and yourself to create a lasting memory – let that be your goal. Life goes by too quickly as it is, so get out there and start creating some wonderful and enduring adventures for your child for their emotional scrapbook!