A Surrender

Here I go again…dreaming of a long lost friend.

I see glimpses in your eyes, are you wearing a disguise? You are familiar and alive, filled with light and love I’ve known. I feel your tender soul beneath a questioning and sturdy heart…one that once was torn apart.

In life and dreams, I’m on my own. With all the hopes and seeds I’ve sown. Longing for a heart to share, all the magic found somewhere inside of me, just now set free, upon a firm foundation built, without the pain, without the guilt – of a past I can now let go, and build anew with all I know.

To look within and not without, release the ache – release the doubt, and know each answer that I need does welcome me when I recede…and go within in quiet times, to see the truth and write in rhymes.

To fall in love with who I am – and then attract a healthy man, to share my life and come with me, to build a love and be set free, from denial or ache and pain…to feel alive and not insane. To ease the load and share romance, to caress a heart and take a chance.

The way out is to go through, and be honest in what I do.

I have to say I’m a little scared…from the doubt and pain that’s layered, upon a small and childlike heart…that also once was torn apart.


One thought on “A Surrender

  1. I loved reading that!!! Love to see u !!!!

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