Awoken From A Dream

–by Jodi Seidler

I’ve awoken from a dream only to discover that I’m living undercover, living someone else’s life. My soul just pains me so and I really need to know – how I got here please, I’m on my knees.

I do so need some validation, can I find an explanation – perhaps some clues along the way. Have all my dreams departed – before my real life has started? Feels like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes with someone else’s thoughts…a mother, a husband, a friend – have borrowed my dreams again.

Their voices speak louder than mine, I’m dizzy from the grind…of who speaks the loudest. I’m calling on my determination to seek and find my station, where all my dreams reside – I’m ready for that ride.

I must create my own, and get in touch with me; break out of this confinement, unlock the door -I have the key. The pain of denial is just too great – to stay and suffer – or create my fate.

The answers are within, it’s time to greet myself. To learn the pain and pleasures and then to share the wealth. To look within and know the beauty lying there.

To get in touch with all the truth that was lost somewhere within my youth.


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