Making Lemonade – The Poem

Making Lemonade 

by Jodi Seidler

When you have lemons –
you make lemonade.
Create a new life…
that you never would trade.

You begin a new lifestyle
and hold down the fort.
Gather strength and great courage…
with single parent support.

A glass of water – that’s your family
squeezed lemons – divorce
some sugar – is love
and ice – is the force.

The force keeps you strong
and encouraged with life.
You’re now head of household…
no longer a wife.

Amazing what’s accomplished
through times of great strife.
We learn of our power…
the foundation in life.

So when you have lemons
just make lemonade.
With single parent support
an extended family is made.

Jodi Seidler…and Sam


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