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Dating a single father can be challenge for you if you don’t have children of your own or if you’ve never dated a single parent. You may have to learn some patience and allow for flexibility when you become involved with a single dad. His child’s needs are his priority, so you must be willing to accept that you won’t always be on the top of his list. Additionally, a single dad may have to contest with the frustration or involvement of an ex who has been awarded visitation rights.

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Single Parent Basics

Benefits to being a single parent…

I think there are a lot of benefits to being a single parent. I mean I’ve been one for a long time but I would say that you become so strong because you are both mother and father in a lot of ways, without losing your femininity. But you gain this strength that you can pretty much do anything. And as long as you have the support so that you feel you like you are not alone – I can’t emphasize that enough – there is just this strong “I am woman, hear me roar” kind of thing that happens. And the best thing is you can find a lot of joy in being a single parent as well. It’s not just the old “woe is me”, like in the olden days when there weren’t as many single parent households.

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