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Single Dad – read on – "Why a Man As a Single Parent?", "Stress", "How Much is Too Much?", "Will I Ever Be Loved Again?"

"Single Dad Stress" "The Grand Experiment" as passed to us from on high by Family Court is as follows: Every Monday and Tuesday the children will be with mom. Then, on Wednesdays and Thursdays they’ll be with dad.

Single Parents love Making Lemonade – The Single Parent Network. THE website for single parents of ALL kinds!

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Need Help? You’re Not Alone

In today’s world, fathers are getting their share of custody after divorce, and those numbers are growing. I understand it can be scary or daunting for dads, juggling work, parenting and perhaps even a social life. For all the single dads out there — there’s no doubt you are doing a great job! The most important thing you have to do is love your child, after that it’s just gravy.

There are places you can go for support and Web sites to visit that are for single dads. If you have a church or synagogue, community center, or local park, they all might have or can start a single parent support group. Approximately, 62 percent of all parents are single, so your universe is wider than you think. I suggest you begin by typing in “single fathers” in a search engine, and go visit one of those sites.

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How to Cope when Your Man Is Especially Close to His Daughter

    If you are dating a man who has a daughter that he is particularly close to, get used to it. If he is worth keeping, he won’t dump his daughter in favor of you or any other woman. You will probably always be in direct competition with his daughter for his affections, but if you can live with that, this is what you should do to maintain the relationship.

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