Dating As A Single Parent

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As a single parent, you have little free time to take. Yet, single parents are dating in unprecedented numbers. Looking for a date, soulmate, or another "head of household"?… you just may find what you’re looking for here.

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On The Road Again…

Road to nowhere

On the road again….

Traveling in another country is an interesting method to not only meet people but to also  learn about different cultures, languages, dating rituals and procedures to respond when someone flirts with you.

Whether you’re in a bar scene, street scene, on a tour, working your way through a museum, or on a tour bus – there are so many new and innovative  avenues to expand your opportunities for meeting new people and creating a foundation for a possible relationship.

In my recent travels (three countries in 10 days), I heard stories galore from people who moved for love.  That’s right, they just picked up and moved (sometimes across the world) for that glimmer of possibility; that attraction turned to a spark that turned into a love that has found them far away from home (or, of course in their back yard).

The point is – there are no limitations.

That excited and enthralled me because I really came to understand even more deeply that love and romance doesn’t have to be a chase or a quest or a desperate act…it can be just an experience of being OPEN for love to find you…no matter WHERE you are.


Dating on Your Day Off… AKA: Single Parent Dating

Dating depends on the age and temperament of your child. Now the good thing news about sharing custody. The times that your child is with the other parent, you can date all you want. You can have someone sleep over. You can do whatever you want because you are single then. The times your child is with you, that’s the time you bond with your child, you’re a team then. You don’t really include anyone else. If you are maybe going to have a dinner date over with someone you really want to meet your child, you do it as a friend. Like a play date like your children do. You don”t do it as a lover. Its not good for the child to see their mother intimately with someone else.

Whats a good tip for dating another single parent?

I love dating another single parent. I think its really important. I think the best thing about dating another single parent is they know that your child is the most important thing, and if they don’t then you don’t want to date them. And that they know what the issues are. They know that the child comes first, they know that things come up and they understand the rules of dating as a single parent.


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