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2 thoughts on “About You

  1. Hi, I am a single parent of 4 kids and I find that although I managed to do a lot till now…all of a sudden I can’t do anything, I procrastinate on everything and skip appointments, find I am tired all the time and just get thru days one at a time without really doing much of anything. Then I get mad at myself and the kids for not having stuff done and them not having done there chores. but if I don’t have motivation to do anything how do they get motiviation? Even now I should have been in class 2 hours ago but here I am not yet out of the house, I start everyday saying to myself that I will get things done today and I am going to not procrastinate today and this week and yet I can’t seem to do it. It just seems so futile with the little amount I get for the kids, and also the prices going up for everything.

  2. I am single mother from Prishtina, Kosovo I have daughter who is 9 years old. I got divorced 7 years ago. I have to admit that is was not easy and I was very sad in the beginning.
    Luckily I had regular job and well paid which helped me to raise my daughter without problem.

    In Kosovo we have very weak social welfare system and as such there is no single help for single parents. Often I think about mine and my daughter future which is not very clear, but thinking positive made my life easier.
    One lesson learned: single parents should be strong in every aspect and work hard which helps us to forget the past and raise our children healthy.

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